train employees and customers faster
Clarity meets Complexity
write content quickly in markdown
run scripts within lessons
embed apps, quizzes, and more
integrate with existing pipelines
Clarity meets Complexity
bring your own servers or use ours
test students’ knowledge
add new functionality with docker
evaluate code written by students
Tune your Training

One size fits all is not always the best approach for teaching. With Hypatia, you can choose off-the-shelf lessons that fit your company, while also using our rich suite of tools to build the perfect curriculum for your team.

Connect internal applications, tools, and frameworks securely to Hypatia to use our cloud learning system, or run our on-premises solution for more control and flexibility.

Modular by Design

Hypatia is an all-in-one Learning Management System and Content Management System geared toward high-quality technical education. Use our full suite of tools to create, test, and deploy in depth lesson plans, or integrate Hypatia into your existing solutions for instant access to high quality content.

Hypatia even allows you to bring your own applications into the classroom with our hybrid cloud and on-prem approach. With Hypatia, you can easily build lessons that integrate seamlessly into your needs and infrastructure.

Embracing Open Source

Our vision for better education includes making Hypatia accessible to everyone, not just our customers. That's why we've adopted a hybrid approach to our software. Our standalone application, Hypatia Core, will be available for everyone to use, and be developed in the open with visibility and contributions from the community.

Additionally, we are committed to supporting open source learning through our cloud offering, Hypatia Campus. Any open source lessons made available through Hypatia Campus will be available for anyone to use at no cost to the student or the teacher.

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Hypatia is still in closed beta, but we're adding new users every week. To get more information about the product, and join the waitlist to get in, Please fill out this quick form. You can also get in touch with us at [email protected].
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